What is a virtual run?

A virtual Run can be completed at any location, at any time, and at any pace. Accomplish your Run outside, on a treadmill, or on a walk! You can even complete while you are participating in another local racing event. Participate alone or recruit your friends! You decide how to cover the distance. Scooby and the gang would love for you to share photos and let us know how you completed your Run at #ScoobyDooRun.


Why should I do a virtual run?

It’s fun!  And you get to design it as you like.  Break the distances up into manageable pieces or run the miles all at once.  It is up to you. You are part of an online community and can post your updates as you participate.


Who can participate?

Anybody and everybody!  There’s no age limit or restrictions.  Lace up your sneakers and get moving! Run, jog, walk, or hike.  Participate alone or grab one of your friends to join you - even your 4-legged ones!


Do I have to complete the distance all at one time or can I break it up into different days?

We encourage you to set it up the way you are most comfortable with.  Cover the miles all at once, take a few days or spread the distance over a few weeks if you would prefer.  It is your mystery to solve!


How is my progress tracked?

Keep track of your own time. Share your results and experience at #ScoobyDooRun.


I don’t live in the United States, can I still participate?

Unfortunately, this Virtual Run Series is only open to those who have a US mailing address.